November 18, 2010


Do you find yourself stuck? Waiting for your reality and dreams to magically intertwine without taking one step, I hope not.

I lay in bed every night with pink wooden letters above my head that read Dream Big. I’ve always lived my life dreaming and believing that if I wanted to I could conquer all. No matter how long or hard the journey I could make it. What I failed to do in the process of dreaming big was to act bigger!

We can dream all day and even have the talent to back it up, but without action our dreams are worthless. Yes, worthless. Harsh I know, but that’s the reality that dreaming doesn’t provide. I dreamed of marrying Justin Timberlake when I first caught a glimpse of him on MTV when I ten. I knew the man looking back at me with the blue eyes and dirty blonde curly fro had to me mine. That was until Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, and now Jessica Biel all gave me a dose of reality.

I envision myself sitting behind a desk in an office that has a beautiful view of the city, letting ideas flow from my mind to my finger tips onto my computer. I’ll be pitching editorial ideas, helping with the layout of a magazine, making a difference in other young women’s lives, my dream. That dream may take years or, lord forbid, even decades of hard work and dedication, my reality.

All I’ve ever wanted to do was to be given a voice and in return give a voice to others. Now that my college career is almost coming to an end I find myself stuck, waiting for my dreams and my reality to magically intertwine. Without taking a single step, why the hell am I still here, still stuck? Yes I have fear of not being good enough, failing at something I worked hard for but who doesn’t?

How can I know my  full potential if I never take the proper steps to succeed? Anything worth fighting for is worth having, right? I know one thing, today is the day I put one foot in front of the other. Because feeling stuck is scarier than failing after trying my best.

I encourage you all to do the same. Take that extra step needed, matter of fact take those extra leaps. Run towards your dreams like they are all you have.

Are you ready? Get set, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Kenyetta sweetheart, I so know that feeling! Feeling lost and hopeless and not where I want to be in life. Right now I am considering a jobchange for this very reason. Trying to stay true to my self, one step at a time.

    How are you? love, Anika

  2. hey anika! i've been great been having my ups and downs but overall great. Staying true to yourself is important good luck with the possible job change :)

  3. I mos def agree. It's funny that you wrote this because I just had this convo with my Soros the other week. I think everyone feels that way at one point in time. Esspecially it the end of college...the fear of the unknown! That question of what happpens next? Am I really going to end up do what I set out to do? I really know the really, but keep your head up girly.