August 5, 2015

That's My Jam: Sevana-Bit Too Shy

Impatiently waiting for me to finish getting ready, my boyfriend and his friend decided to start playing music. I heard a classic reggae beat come across the speakers and a beautiful sultry voice quickly followed. I rushed out of the bathroom needing to know who this woman was that captivated me in less than 30 seconds. It's been a few weeks since then and I still can't stop listening to bit too shy by Sevana. Get ready for ear heaven. 

Another gem from her is called "Chant it". 

Any new artist you love that I should check out? 

April 26, 2015

Back To The Basics

The struggle of revamping my wardrobe continues. Feels like I've been going through this for an eternity. Right now my closet consists mostly of things I've outgrown style wise and (after a little weight loss) physically. So I'm happy to say that the revamping process has finally begun. The first step I've taken is stocking up on my basics again. That mostly consists of t-shirts and jeans that don't give me major saggy butt. I've also started selling old items on Poshmark. If you haven't heard of it, its an app that makes selling your clothes super easy. With that said, here's to letting go of the old to make room for the new!

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April 5, 2015

Hair Revival

When boredom strikes, you end up with purple hair. 

The last time I've done something new and exciting with my hair was when I went natural five years ago. So, lately I've been itching for a change and after letting go of the idea of another cut, I decided to revive my hair with color. Then I hit another bump in the road when researching the process of dying it and decided the maintenance or potential damage just wasn't something I wanted to deal with right now. That's when I stumbled across an amazing alternative. Jerome Russel's temporary hair color! It is not only easy to use but affordable as well. I've been swooning over purple fros on tumblr so I instantly gravitated towards panther purple from the line. I have to say that i'm loving it!

There are a few not so great things that stood out but weren't a complete turnoff for me. It has an odd smell and does transfer to clothing. I haven't experienced any staining but you should be conscious of what you're wearing while using it. Lastly, it does make your hair feel dry. As a natural I know that can be a huge down side but for its temporary use I don't think that is a deal breaker. I had it in for a couple of days and as the color faded with styling the softness of my texture reemerged. So, overall it's definitely worth the five bucks. 

Have you revived your hair lately?

xo, Kenyetta 

March 23, 2015

Let's Start Over...Again

Hello Readers! Are you still there? Don't worry, you don't all have to comment at once. 

I'm not going to give a long drawn out reason as to why I left my blog dryer than a natural hair girls scalp in the winter. Well, maybe I'll give one reason. Life. It consumes you until one day you wake up and remember that one thing you use to do that was fun and made you happy. In my case that's, blogging, or more so just writing. I said I'd keep it simple so, here's to my 108494933343 attempt and regaining the inspiration I once had. Oh yeah, first post of 2015 so Happy New Year!

P.S Made my first digital camera purchase (which should help with the whole inspiration thing) and so far I'm loving the Canon T3i, looking forward to having better imagery on the blog!

xo, Kenyetta

October 1, 2014

That's My Jam: Luke James

R&B is that you?

If you haven't been introduced to Luke James, let me do the honors.

Refreshing, emotive and of course soulful are just a few words to describe the talent that is Luke James. I first discovered him when watching a morning music show and was wowed by his vocals in the beautiful song I want you. Since then I've been following his rise leading up to his self titled debut and he didn't disappoint. From classic R&B tracks like Dancing in the dark to the impressive cover of Sam Smith's Stay with me, (where he solely relies on his voice and the beauty of harmonizing) makes me fall in love with him over and over again. If you are a lover of the genre and feel like it needs to be redeemed on today's lack luster airwaves, then I urge you to lend an ear to Luke James.

  Top Favorites:
Check out a live performance of one of my favorites that didn't make the album after the jump!