April 9, 2011

What the GaGa!

                             What I wore:Dress: H&M Bag/Shades:Forever21 Shoes: Lulus

Excuse my hair in this post the wind did something to it that shouldn't have happened lol. Kind of looks like I was electrocuted or something. But on to the outfit and last day in California :(. You are probably wondering why the post is named What the GaGa! Well that was my moms reaction when she saw the wedges I'm wearing in this post. Those shoes are. the. most . PAINFUL shoes I own. They have been demoted to my going out to dinner shoes since I have to find a way to get my moneys worth, sigh, the price us girls pay. My feet actually started to turn colors because I was walking in them for awhile, I had to do the big no no and walk bare foot, it was really that bad. So that smile in the pictures is very fake, I was in pain. I love that dress I wore it reminds me of like a 50's house wife and it has pockets! I thought my friend looked super cute that day, her outfit was so Cali! So I had to add her in a OOTD post. How cute is her lace dress and cowboy boots?!

That day we went to paramount studios to tour the facilities. We saw where Glee was filmed, Dr. Phil among other shows and movie sets. We also got to see where Steven Spielberg views and edits some of his movies. It was such an inspiring tour since my major is media studies, where I wrote scrips and produced my own shows. We then headed two Santa Monica which I love to pieces. We got on a few rides and walked on the beach to find my friend who wasn't there a sea shell. I love the candid pics I took, I'm a pretty good photographer if I do say so myself lol. Enjoy more pics after the jump!


  1. It's funny because I actually thought to myself "ooh, her hair is really cute in this pic." I like it a lot so maybe the electrocuted look (which I don't see) works for you. Very cute outfit, and that goes to your friend as well. Too bad the shoes are painful, they're extremely cute.

  2. awww, thats too bad...because that shoe looks hawt. you saw some great things in Cali i'm practically green with envy.

  3. You both look chic! Lovely outfits!


  4. Those first pair of shoes are too cute!
    Hope you come and follow my blog :)


  5. I love both of your outfits! You girls look so stylish :) your dress is beautiful. xoxo


  6. Such great shots! You look fab and i'm loving your blog :)

  7. Cute dress and sandals!!! XOXO

  8. @MC lol thanks! I just wasnt feeling it that day but yeah those shoes are nice to look at but walking in them is another story lol

    @FAF thanks! i love them but my feet hate them lol but you must go to cali life is short explore it while you can!

    @AN thank you!

    @Kayla thank you and i will!

    @PLAR thank you you're so sweet!

    @SF thank you im really happy you like my blog!

    @chanel thank you!