January 6, 2011

It's been waaay too long, Lets catch up!

I can't believe I let myself go almost two months without chatting with you guys. I feel like such a crappy blogger. Well I'm back and I'm going to try my best not to disappear like that again. Oh by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! and happy belated Christmas, Thanksgiving and all that good stuff. If your wondering why I posted that goofy picture of myself, that picture was the beginning of an amazing trip I took a couple of weeks ago. I went to sin city a.k.a VEGAS!!!!!! Our flight was delayed so we walked around the airport and enjoyed caramel sundaes. My friend said I looked like I was in a McDonald's commercial lol. We got to Vegas pretty late so we decided to try our luck at gambling for the first night. I lost about ten dollars on gambling in Vegas altogether, I'm so not a fan of gambling. I have over 500 pictures to sort through to post on here, so look forward to lots of Vegas posts. In the mean time check out a few pics from my first night in Vegas after the jump!

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  1. Your hair has grown so much!! It looks so cute : )