October 25, 2010

Drake: D.o R.ight A.nd K.ill E.verything

What I Wore/ Top: H&M  Clutch: Charlotte Russe Jeggings: Target: Shoes: Steve Madden

Drake came to my university during our homecoming weekend. It was my second hip-hop concert I've been to besides Lupe fiasco when i was in high school. I have to say drake reminded me why i love hip-hop so much, he did and amazing job. I really didn't know what to expect, so i was pleasantly surprised when he wowed me with his performance. I've seen him perform on TV and i wasn't that impressed, it was something about the constant vibration of his right hand that kinda took my attention away from his actual performance. Though his hand did seem like it hand a mind of its own that night it didn't over power his great performance, thankfully lol. It was also apparent that he has alot of love for Lil Wayne, at times I thought I was at a Free weezy rally or something. A really cool part of the show was when he pulled one of my co-workers on stage. I saw her at work afterwords and told her how jealous I was, lol. Rapper Tyga who's best known for his collaboration with Chris Brown on the hit song Deuces opened the show. He was great as well, after the show I walked pass where he was taking pictures with fans and he's so little but so cute. It was a really great show over all.

More Candid pics after the jump!


  1. 1. Jealous!!!!! I love me some Drake.
    2. You look cute, and how is everybody able to curl their bangs so nicely and my bangs just give me problem constantly?
    3. Is it weird that I got excited when I saw that he pulled a curvy girl up on stage?


  2. LOL that was the first time since i got my sew in that it actually curled right i dont know what i did special that day lol

    i was excited when i noticed it was a curvy girl too and she looked hot! I was like you better work girl! lol

  3. What university do you go 2 because I go to ISU and Drake was just here for our homecoming.

  4. I go to NIU, he has really been touring his butt off i see he's been everywhere.

  5. You looked fabulous-love it. I want a sew-in so bad:-)

  6. Hi hon, thanks so much for your lovely comment honey. I really appreciate it. I love this look on you, great mix! I am always exited to see how you work your fab taste! <3