March 26, 2011

Remember Who You Are

Blazer/Shirt/Skirt/Shoes/ Bag : H&M!!!

Another Cali outfit post! I wore this out the day we went to the Beverly Center and went to Millions of Milkshakes, which my friend kept calling millionaire milkshakes lol. I only picked up a skirt and some sandals because I didn't want to wear the heels I brought to go with another outfit. I'm not completely in love with this look, but that's ok can't win them all. I actually didn't plan on wearing those shoes with the outfit. I brought leopard oxfords but forgot I had them, they were buried under everything else I brought. If I look super awkward in these pics to you it's because a lot of people driving and walking by were staring so I felt weird. I didn't even try to adjust my clothes, I was like just hurry and take them lol. I took that photo in the middle because I love the quote on it that reads. "Remember who you are."
Sometimes we can get caught up in the craziness that's called life, so every now and then we need to take a deep breath, step back and remember where we came from and where we want to go and who we are inside.


  1. aww still look cute! i was gonna get that h&m bag!

  2. Thanks! you should have,i love that bag!

  3. Super cute!!! Loving that skirt my love... loving it!!

  4. thanks so much! i didnt really like how i put it together but hey i tried lol

  5. nice quote, & sometimes we all need to be remembered of that. Thank you.
    I love that H&M blazer in this post! -xxooo


  6. Oh I have been looking for a pale pink blazer forever. It looks so good on you, especially with the stripes!