June 19, 2011

To My Everything,

My best friend, My rock, my protector, my everything! my heart is spilling over with the amount of love i have for my daddy. He encourages me to be fearless and dream big. Because of him i know my worth and NO MAN will make me feel less than what he does, it just wouldn't be right.
Never knowing how his own father even looked, he decided to never let his children experience that kind of absence and pain from him. I thank him on this day for the late night talks, bike rides to the beach, the phone calls singing a song he wrote and wanted my opinion. The unconditional love he has given me and my siblings. 
I was asked if i think i would be different if my dad wasn't in my life. I said, yes. He has opened my eyes to so many things I don't think my mother would be able to show me. Like how a man, a husband, a father is suppose to be and how they are suppose to treat women. Though he's flawed the amount of growth he has shown is amazing. I'm so blessed to have an amazing relationship with my dad. I can go on and on and on about how much i love that man and how much he's shaped the woman I've become, but one blog post won't do what he means to me justice. So on this day that celebrates the many amazing men who do provide,protect and unconditionally love their children I will share some lessons I've learned from my dad.

  • That though I've come from poverty with every odd against me, I am capable of turning my wildest dreams into reality.
  • To be myself despite others opinions. When I was younger and wanted something that the "in crowd" had he would always say " why would you want to be someone else, be yourself, love yourself"
  • That I'm beautiful flaws and all. He has always told me that I'm beautiful and it felt good to hear that during times when my face was flared with pimples and my body was going through so many changes.
  • Never feel too content to push myself to grow and be better everyday.
  • "A man will tell on himself. just listen and watch." he gives the best advice on guys i dodged a lot of bullets because of my dads words sticking to the back of mind.
  • Everything worth having is worth the wait.
  • That there is a such thing as fairytale BUT a happy beginning and happy ending rarely has a happy in between. there will be hard times but it will be worth it.
Happy fathers day to all the amazing dads out there, and the women who have to play both roles!


  1. awwww, this made me wanna cry. my father died when i was 4 so this was very touching.

  2. awwwww, it always makes me sad when i hear that. my friend dad past when she was younger too now she calls my dad, dad.I'm sure if he had his way he would still be here with you :)

  3. Very lovely and touching post. Love the photo os you two. I've learned so much from my father as well. -xx