October 1, 2014

That's My Jam: Luke James

R&B is that you?

If you haven't been introduced to Luke James, let me do the honors.

Refreshing, emotive and of course soulful are just a few words to describe the talent that is Luke James. I first discovered him when watching a morning music show and was wowed by his vocals in the beautiful song I want you. Since then I've been following his rise leading up to his self titled debut and he didn't disappoint. From classic R&B tracks like Dancing in the dark to the impressive cover of Sam Smith's Stay with me, (where he solely relies on his voice and the beauty of harmonizing) makes me fall in love with him over and over again. If you are a lover of the genre and feel like it needs to be redeemed on today's lack luster airwaves, then I urge you to lend an ear to Luke James.

  Top Favorites:
Check out a live performance of one of my favorites that didn't make the album after the jump!

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