August 15, 2012

Instagram Photo diary: Summer so far...

Summer is slowly coming to an end and I must say I've had a very eventful one (hence another blogging hiatus). I've graduated from college, took another trip to LA, moved back to Chicago and fell in love. Speaking of love I've also been helping my bestfriend prepare for her big day. She's getting married next month and I'm so excited to be apart of such an important day in her life. She chose the cutest dresses and shoes for all the bridemaids too! I must say this has been a great summer. Just wanted to check in and give you ladies and update. Hope you all are having an amazing summer as well! Until next time....

Instagram: Myderniercri


  1. Cute photos, seems like you had an interesting summer!

  2. Thanks! yes its been very interesting lol xo

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