June 30, 2012


                                                                  Bikini: Simplybe

This post is so fitting because Chicago, like many other states across the country, has been blazing hot lately. As much as I would love to be on the beach laying under the AC seems like it will be just as fulfilling. While in California I had another fashion first. I rocked my very first Bikini! Ok, maybe I had one when I was a toddler buuut that doesn't count. I was on the hunt for a vintage, high waisted style one for awhile and always came up empty handed. Majority of the problem came from not being able to find a bikini top that my boobs wouldn't fall out of. When I saw one of my favorite bloggers Gabi of Gabifresh in this swimsuit on her blog, I just had to have it.

I recently wore it again during a day at the pool with my friend Shay. Her eyes widened and then she said, " You're really stepping out this summer, showing your arms and wearing a bikini! I love it". She knows like many other close friends and family know how far I've come. I'm so proud of myself fully excepting what I considered these huge flaws in the past. So I'll say it again ladies embrace your "flaws", they are only as big as you make them.

P.S Cant you tell Kyra and I were having tons of fun? lol


  1. I like your bikini. You look beautiful in it. You have a beautiful figure and it fits well with the bikini.

    p.s.: I like you blog. I'm a new follower.


    1. thanks so much, your so sweet! Thanks for following! xoxo