August 29, 2012

Hair love: My Senegalese twist!


Just a little over a month ago I was dying to try something new with my hair. I wanted a break from the maintenance it took to keep it up so I went on a hunt for something new to try out. Like many of  us have seen, box braids along with Senegalese twist have really been resurrected this year. Almost everyone, even Beyonce herself, have tried the look out. I went to a salon on the west side of Chicago, Seddebs, to get mine done and I have been really happy with the results. If you ladies are looking for a fun, low maintenance, or simply just a protective style to try out I would definitely recommend Senegalese twist.

Products I use for maintenance:
1. Organic Root Stimulator: Olive Oil Shampoo
2. O.R.S: Olive Oil Conditioner
3. O.R.S: Coconut Oil
4. Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir
5. Water (I put in spray bottle)

Have you ladies tried some fun low maintence styles this summer?

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