August 31, 2011

Model for a day!

    Thanks to Jenn of wiredraven!

My co-worker Jenn who wants to get into fashion photography recently asked me to model for her. When she first asked I have to admit, I said no. I usually take my pics for my blog without anyone behind the camera, so I was a bit scared. Then I thought how bad can it be, and it wasn't bad at all. It in fact was fun, though I realized I really can't make a serious on mean face lol.

So on to the clothes! What I would change from the look I chose to wear is the t-shirt. I think a v-neck would have been better since I'm a bit busty. Other than that I love what I call my MJ blazer and my cut off shorts that I only wear in the house, but I thought would be perfect for the photo shoot. My shoes topped the look off and I solely chose them because they are to painful to walk it so instead of accumulating dust I decided to pull them out for a little fun. I was so happy I did the shoot when I saw the final shots. It's kinda creepy how much I look like my dad!

Few more of my other fave shots after the jump!


  1. Lovely hair and lovely smile!!

  2. so gorgeous! i liked the whole outfit although switching the top might have been better like u said but still you looked fab...

  3. @ag aww thanks!

    @FF thanks so much!

  4. and the photos turn out so amazing :)

  5. YOU ARE GORGEOUS ! Love your eyes !
    very nice pictures

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