August 29, 2011

My favorite moment of the VMA'S!!!!!


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Yes, Adele sang beautifully and Chris Brown danced his tush off but I have to say Beyonce Stole the show. Who would have thought she would be revealing a baby bump at this years VMA's. She glowed as she walked the red carpet in a gorgeous Lanvin gown holding her baby bump. But the best moment came during her performance of one of my favorite songs off her album, love on top.

As she stomped in her heels and belted out the lyrics of the song I couldn't help but feel empowered. Women, we can really do it all! As if she could do anything else to top the night, she hits her last note of the song, drops the mic, and opens her jacket to reveal and rub her baby bump. Though that was the cutest moment ever, when the camera zoomed over to Jay z and Kanye i had to hold the Tears back. Jay had the biggest proudest smile on his face, just pure love written all over it. I thought, That's the reaction I want my husband to have. It was just a beautiful moment. She is successful, in love, and having her first child. What more can a girl ask for?

What was your favorite moment? Who do you think had the best performance?


  1. I would have to agree this was my favorite moment as well. I feel so happy for them as a couple and they both look soooooo happy and in love. I felt the world was happy for them at the moment to - well at least on my twitter and facebook :) I love her and wish the THREE of them nothing but the best!

  2. i so agree everyone on my twitter/facebook were so happy.