September 6, 2011

Fall Wish list!

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A big smile came across my face today as I left out for class and felt a chill hit me. Fall is slowly but surely approaching! It's funny how I'm so excited for fall when I can just see myself frowning when it's still snowing in march lol. Today's weather definitely got me inspired to start my fall wish list.  H&M's fall collection is looking amazing so far which is why my whole wish list contains items from them. How amazing is the black and white blazer? I will be in Chicago this weekend and though its action packed I'm hoping I can get some shopping done to pick up some pieces from my fall wish list.

Anything you really want for fall?

Check out a few more pieces from my wishlist after the jump!



  1. i dont have a fall list because in Malaysia its forever summer :(

    my wardrobe is pretty boring

  2. wow i couldnt imagine not having a winter but i love summer fashion just try new things to spice up your wardrobe.