July 4, 2011

Red White & Blue Jean

*Shirt: H&M *Blue Jean Vest: Thrifted/D.I.Y *Pants: TJMaxx *Shoes: TJMaxx

Happy Fourth everyone! I just got in from work and decided to finally do an OOTD. I don't think I've done one since I started my new job. Ironically, though I can now dress up for work I haven't been wearing anything that I'm crazy about, which is why I've been doing alot of shopping lately. I'm getting super bored with my clothes. I kinda had a long day of work so after taking the first pic i decided to sit down and take the rest on the floor. So this is a lazy OOTD lol.

Other than my frizzy hair i loved my look today. I wanted to be patriotic of course and i think i pulled it off. I love the red high waisted pants i got from TJMaxx awhile ago but just now wearing them. They are a little big but hey they were only seven bucks. The blue Jean vest was a jacket i got from the thrift store and decided cut up since i scored a second five dollar blue jean jacket, oh how i love thrifting. My favorite piece of the whole outfit are the shoes. they are sooooo comfy. I need to start buying shoes like them, i usually buy heels and i don't wear heels every day so these were a great investment. I won't bore you guys any longer i hope you all are enjoying this beautiful holiday :)....


  1. We were wearing almost identical outfits only I had on red shorts and navy top with white vest. Great minds think alike :)

  2. fabulous!!!


  3. @bran thanks love!

    @dqd yes great minds do think alike lol

    @coily thanks doll :)