July 8, 2011

I use to want you so bad, I'm so through with that...

This song hits home for me on so many levels. Most of us had a guy we wanted to care as much as we cared. Give us as much as we were willing to give them. Then that moment of validation came when you realized, he didn’t deserve my love. "Thank god you blew it, thank god I dodged a bullet!"

She looks beautiful in this video…

 I want to get into more of a dialogue with you guys. So I thought of doing posts titled Girl Talk where you ladies or I will pick a subject and I either write about it or make a video. It can be on anything related to things us as ladies go through, striving for success, body image, or life in general. I would love to get this up and going so your input will mean everything to me, thanks!

If you have a better title than Girl Talk I’m open, comment or email ( myderniercri@yahoo.com ) with topic ideas :)

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