June 22, 2011

No more Frogs!

I watched Princess and the frog for the first time the other day, yes I know I’m about two years late. Wrapped in my comforter with butter pecan ice cream in hand I watched a young girls fairytale come true. I giggled when Tiana proclaimed her reluctance to kissing frogs because I too feel the same. In a world that seems to be filled with frogs, I sometimes get discouraged about my idea of a fairytale. I wonder why can’t my prince just be visible not disguised as a frog? I mean, who really wants to kiss a frog covered with slime, excuse me, I mean mucous. I then remind myself, you’re only 22! Your time will come.

It gets frustrating I must admit, I just don’t think I can take another frog trying to snatch me up with his gooey tongue, yuck, and I don’t want to kiss a lot of them in order to find my prince. Tianas friend Charlotte thought differently, “I would kiss one hundred frogs to find my prince!”. I thought of how exhausting that would be in reality. I don’t want to waste time and energy on those that aren’t worth it. Frogs don’t deserve any of me but my prince deserves all of me. I always say I don’t want or need every guy to like me; I don’t even need ten or five to like me. I only want and need one to love me. That’s all, just one.

When I see couples happily in love, I admire, but I never want a replica. I want an original, one of a kind, a never seen before version. I was asked by a friend if I had written “The list”, I haven’t. I did attempt, but gave up. I feel I will know when it happens. I don’t feel the need to have a list to remind me because when he arrives I believe my heart will remind me.

 What I have done mentally is take qualities I possess and add what I would like for him to possess. For instance, I’m shy at times, so I want someone who can bring me out of my shell. I’ve once felt like I wasn’t enough because of a guy, so I want him to not only tell me but show me that he loves me. I want to feel like I’m all he needs and then some. I have a wall up out of fear, I want him to help me let down my guard. I’m not a confrontational person, so I want him to know how to talk through issues and come to a mutual understanding. I can be a homebody at times; I want him to be adventurous. I’m goofy with a hint of corny so I want him to have a sense of humor so that we can laugh and laugh and laugh uncontrollably together. I guess that's somewhat of a list.

If I’m sure of anything it’s the fact that I now know that i am enough, from the top of my fro to bottom of my heels. I deserve ALL of life’s joys and I definitely deserve the ultimate joy, love. Not an ordinary love something extraordinary. A fairytale on steroids! I know, a bit much but I think we all deserve that kind of love. Our very own fairytale, with our own definition of what it means and how it feels.

While I chase after my dreams, I hope my prince won’t be far behind chasing after me. No more frogs. Not a green frog, sea frog, land frog or tree frog. I simply just. Cant. Take it.


  1. Hello there young lady, looking for love ha,thats great,love is a beatuful thing when it is love, you know some say its love when a person breaks your heart,some say its love when a man or women kills the other because of a breakup, thats truly not love ,i think you know what true love is ,and your time will come,because GOD said when a man finds a WIFE he finds a good thing,so you continue to pray and believe in GOD and great things shall come your way,and remember JESUS is and will always be your first love he died for are sins,now thats true love,and i love you,so be patient,GOD has some great thing in store for you,including a husband.YOUR TRULY, POPPA WILEY

  2. awwww love you dad grammatical erros and all lol :)