June 1, 2011

The Celebration of Love...

Me, My Brother and Sister (They are twins how cute! lol)

My cousin Coby found his forever, and Saturday we celebrated! Unfortunately our family has been to more funerals than weddings and it was so nice to have a change of occasion. An occasion where true love and happiness was at the forefront. I looked out and saw nothing but smiles that night. It was the most fun I've had with my whole family. We laughed, we danced, we cried (Tears of joy), and we drank a lot (open bar lol). When I first met my cousins then girlfriend Faith I knew she was special not only because she was the first girl that he brought around to meet everyone, but that she fit right in instantly. No awkwardness at all, I felt like she had been around forever. When the doors opened during the ceremony I couldn't hold back my tears. She looked so beautiful. I quickly looked at my cousin to catch this big smile come over his face. They both have little boys and when the pastor asked who gave her away they both yelled, i do! i do! my heart melted, so adorable. Overall the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast! I couldn't help but wonder when my big day will come......

More candids after the jump!

She thought i need more lol.

Coolest bartender ever!
My parents dancing, my mom calls that her Michelle Obama dress lol.

The best Man and I.

My lil cousins: Flower girl and the ring bearer

I love that dress!

My brothers and me.

Getting my Oprah (Preach) on had to kick the shoes off lol.
ummm yeah lol
Me, brother, sis!
Aww sis and flower girl #2!
Happy Groom!

Still Preachin lol
Me and my bestfriend, my heart, My daddy!!!!
Me and the Groom my cousin :)
And the best for last the beautiful bride!


  1. It looks like such a beautiful ceremony. Love both dress both yours and the brides :)

    lots of blog love xoxo


  2. it was really nice, Thanks! :)