May 23, 2011

Working Woman!

                               Top: Old Navy Jeggings: Target Shoes: Forever21 Bag: H&M

I got a new job! and I love it! Working at my schools cafeteria and wearing a hairnet was sooo not cute or fun! Now showing off my style is encouraged, which means I'll have more OOTDs, hopefully, to post! This is what I wore my second day of training, it's a very casual look but what I love about it is my belt!  My Mom got it for me at a garage sale. She said when saw it she thought about me and I'm glad she did. Its definitely a statement piece I will forever keep in my closet.


  1. Girl that belt is so cute, do yo thang!!!

  2. Love your style Kenyetta!! Your style shows a freedom of spirit and fashion! I love wearing flat lace shoes and brogues and I love how you have incorporated the edgy animal print in the "working woman" style! I look forward to reading your blogs. Saw you on byanika's blog.

  3. I love the look. Congrats on the job. So are you working in the cafeteria or is this a new job? Doesn't take much to confuse me. As for that belt... you better keep it forever. And don't let any of your friends borrow it. Then never see it again. lol (that happened to me)

  4. @ANON thanks

    @ambuji Thanks so much! i adore your style as well and your blog.

    @QD thanks! lol i was working in the cafeteria now im in retail which is way more fun! im definitely not going to let any of my friends borrow it lol

  5. Love the belt.. Outfit is nice..