March 5, 2012

Dream, Believe

                        Sweater/Inspiration chains/Maurices~Pants/Forever21~Shoes/TjMaxx

 I've missed blogging soooo much! I can go on and on about what has prevented me from consistently blogging but I'll spare you all and just jump right back into the swing of things. I've been obsessing over many things lately and my inspirations chains and chinos are just two of the many. I'm getting closer and closer to graduation (yaaaaay!) and its time to begin the process of making the proper steps needed to turn my dreams into a reality. Oddly I've been having many negative thoughts which makes my dreams seem so far away, and we all know negative thoughts equals negative results. Those thoughts made me realize how much more I need to believe in myself.

Have you been dreaming and believing lately?
What are you obsessing over?


  1. we're almost done! Yesss GRADDD,
    and i love your pants and Kors bag!

    1. yes i can't wait! thanks, im obsessed with those pants!

  2. ahh your too cute! glad to have you back. and can i just say wow, your hair!!! xoxo