May 18, 2011

We Run This Motha!


My girl is finally back!!!!! It took a lot for me not to post the song when it first leaked. I wanted to wait for the visual which I knew would make it even better. I’ll admit I wasn’t feeling the song when I first heard it but I’m here to say that it has officially grown on me and the video definitely helped. This video is bleeping EPIC!!!!!! The choreography, the locations, the animals, the army of women, the fashion, I love EVERYTHING!!! Who ever told her to move her shoulders to the beat at the beginning needs a raise that was …..Ok I need to come up with a new word other than EPIC!!! Lol. I’m so excited for this album, heck it’s been three long years!!!!!! I look up to Beyonce for many reasons but of course it begins with her music and to me she delivers. Though it did take awhile for the song to grow on me, the beat and the message is just EP……Amazing! I mean it’s a man’s world BUT it’s nothing without a girl. We Run This Motha!

What do you ladies think of the video?


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  2. This song and video are sure to make history.

    Kimberly, FWB

  3. I hate to be the one who says this, on your blog after such a rave review!

    I was utterly disappointed by the dances!! Completely devasted by the choreography because most of it was not authentic!!

    I liked the shoulder puffing at the start, then it went downhill from there. The dances with the two guys are sooo South African its not funny!!! We call it "Pantsula" down here, so seeing Beyonce doing Pantsula is not what i waited and anticipated since i heard the song on the radio!! Then there was the stanky leg thang, again- not original!! Then the usual hair flinging and random gyrating...

    What redeemed her was the wardrobe!! I loved the wardrobe- the white dress was just too stunning! The wardrobe made up for her long absence- it was spectacular.

    I liked the song already, just wanted to see if the video would have the same effect as Chris Brown's " She aint you" vid and song do to me! But no.

    It was not Beyonce enough for me- the leaping and prancing around at the end- not a good look Honey B!

  4. @fwb i hope so!

    @sisi no its fine i love hearing different opinions on things. i guess the fact that i've never seen those dances besides the stanky leg before is why i loved it,she was inspired by an african dance group the two guys dancing with her are the actual guys from that dance group. Chris's she aint you video is good but nothing that we havent already seen from him. I cant wait to see the next video she releases I want to see if she redeems herself for you! :)