May 16, 2011

Lessons Learned: College Edition

Amelia, one of my favorite bloggers does a lessons learned post that I love. I decided to do one and since the school year has just ended I wanted to do a College edition.

 Finals are over, the semester has ended and I'm one step closer to recieving my degree! This school year has been filled with great memories and other memories that if I had the chance I would go back and change. With that said I don't regret them because they were all lessons learned. So here are some of them......

1. Though I've said I do for years, I DON'T work too well under pressure. I'm that person that waits until the night before to write an eight page paper. Though I still do well on whatever I procrasinate over, mentally I'm making myself suffer. If I were to just start early I would be able to breath and save myself from a headace or overdosing on Starbucks.

2. I need to make more time for my friends at home. Going away to college puts a strain on the relationships you've had before leaving. Friends you are use to seeing everyday or at least chatting with everyday, turns into only seeing during holiday and summer breaks. But it's always a great feeling when you go so long without seeing eachother and then when you reunite, BOOM feels like old times.

3. After countless semesters of avoiding it i realized that i actually do get things done when I go to the library, who would have thought?

4. The cute guy you meet at the bar on thirsty thurdays only wants onething, and you can't and wont give it to him. Simply because he dosn't deserve it. This may be a life lesson too lol

5. I won't be the girl that meets her husband in college.

6. Don't wait until the end of the semester to show up in the teachers office, too late by then.

7. If the teacher has a strong accent and it sounds like they have something stuck in their throat, just drop the class you will barely understand what's going on.

Those were just a Few of the lessons learned this semester, It's crazy to think I have one more left! I don't think i've ever been more excited for winter to come! lol

                               If in school any lessons you learned this past year?

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