May 4, 2011

Here Goes that Darn Blazer again....

                              Blazer: H&M/ Tank: NY&Company Shorts: D.I.Y Shoes: H&M

I told you guys I've been wearing this blazer a lot so here it is again lol. I think I'm gonna take a break from it as soon as the weather gets better, I promise. This week is really hectic finals are upon me and I'm so ready to be done with school. This blog is so helpful because I can take a break and talk about things I love, like my blazer lol. Unfortunately when I log off my blog a political science book is staring at me :(. Sigh, I have to keep repeating, its almost over, its almost over. Any who I won't bore you ladies with my school cons, hope you like the outfit!

P.S ~ Sorry about the pic quality I'm the blogger with the sucky Sony camera and no photoshop programs lol.


  1. Cute pics... I'm loving your hair. I can't wait until my hair has that fullness and length... or atleast the length... lol
    As for the photo editing... try picasa by google. It's free and I use it with my canon. LOVE IT!!

  2. Loving this outfit and your hair!!! Love how its tossed carefree and full x

    BLEURGH & Xisses

  3. If my legs weren't so chubby I so would wear those cute it!

  4. Your outfit is gorgeous, im in love with your blazer :) :) :)

    Xoxo Christine

  5. @yoli thanks! you'll get there took me a year lol and thanks for the tip on the program i will definitely be checking it out.

    @ony Thanks so much. i've been wearing it like that alot lately!

    @nadia Thank you! im obsessed with it!

    @NF you can pull them off too hun!

    @CI thank you :)