April 30, 2011

April showers bring May flowers, right?

          Blazer: H&M / Top: H&M / Jeggings: Target / Boots: Michael Kors Bag: Steve Madden

I need some consistent spring/summer weather! One day the sun is beaming and I'm pulling out my favorite shorts, the next day I'm layering myself up to avoid freezing. I shouldn't be surprised, I am from the Windy City. With May being only a day away I'm hoping the weather starts getting more consistent so I can do some fun OOTD with bright colors and playful prints. I will warn you ladies in advance I looooove my H&M blazer, I've been wearing it like crazy. It brightens up my outfits during these gloomy "Spring" days. So yeah, you all will be seeing a lot of it, sorry in advance. Maybe I should just do a how to wear a blazer(like you guys don't already know) in a million ways. Just so I can have a excuse as to why I'll be wearing it so much lol. Oh and those Michael Kors boots are my prized possessions, I don't care if the sole falls off I will never let them go! lol

P.S I definitely had an accessory overload day i just couldn't narrow it down, and that scar happened when I was trying to be Betty Crocker and burned myself. lol


  1. So cute...and I need that bag immediately!!!

  2. I love how u styled your hair!! Your outfit is cute : )

  3. love the look, i'm really feeling your hair like that what did you do to get the curls so pronounced? xoxo

  4. love everything, especially the blazer. very pretty :) fabulous color too. xo


  5. Love your outfit, great blazer!


  6. Very pretty hair! :)


  7. I always have disasters when it comes to trying to be betty crocker too haha. Your hair looks amazing in these photos and I am in love with that pink blazer!

  8. @NF Thanks! i looove that bag!

    @danielle thank you!

    @thanks! I used eco styler gel and shea moisture curl enhancing cream :)

    @PLR thanks doll!

    @ANY thank you :)

    @TFG thanks i love it!

    @Kirstin thanks im in love with that blazer too! i hate the scar it left on my hand i never want to bake again lol

    @TK thank you!

  9. You look beautiful sweetie :)

    Xoxo Christine http://christineiversen.blogspot.com/