April 3, 2011

Frotastic Fun at Universal Studios

What I wore: Dress:H&M Sandals/Shades/Bag:Forever21

Oh how I love my fro! We had so much fun at Universal Studios. Though I'm scared of fast roller coasters and haunted houses, I found myself doing both that day. When we first got there we were greeted by Andre at one of the rides, a very nice guy who gave us VIP entrance into the ride. He asked if we were actresses, models or singers and when we both said no he was shocked. I though it was funny that people would assume you were one of those things if you were in Cali. One of the craziest rides we got on was the Mummy. The ride shoots off so fast! I was screaming and shaking even when it was done. Shaina kept saying it was over but I didn't believe her until she said "your hair is gonna get flat", (I was pressing my head against the back of the seat waiting for a crazy drop or something ). I slowly opened my eyes to see that it was indeed over. I don't know why I put myself through that kind of stuff. But you only live once right?
We ended our day walking along City Walk and trying the Famous Pinks hot dogs, and enjoying a little entertainment in front of the studio. The guy in the last pic was dancing and often pulled little kids out the crowd to show them how to pop lock, that little girl was so cute! I really miss California.

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