April 6, 2011

Women who inspire: Angela&Vanessa Simmons

(Pic&Interview via Angelas Blog)

I have been following the lives/careers of Angela and Venessa Simmons after falling in love with their family's show Runs House about five years ago. I was soon able to get to know them better when they got their own show, Daddy's Girls. I admired their connection as sisters and their drive to live out their dreams. They encouraged me to have a deeper connection with my little sister Jasmine. We would sit around and talk about fashion and brainstorm on businesses we would like to start because of Angela and Vanessa. I related more to Angela, she was a fun, goofy, and a very passionate young girl and now young woman. She was always very open on the show and I felt I was getting the real Angela. I can remember watching a Daddy's girl episode where the topic of her being a virgin came up. I was surprised and happy she spoke out about something so private in such a public way. I too had made the decision to wait, and since making that decision it has indeed been a struggle, mainly in the dating department. I was happy to see that there was someone out there like me, who had the same view points on that particular very meaningful thing. She recently posted an interview her and Vanessa had with Fearless magazine on her blog and I wanted to share it with you ladies, They are really positive and inspiring chics. Check out my fave questions/answers from Angela below.

Was it a conscious decision to publicly announce that you want to be a virgin until marriage. did you do it to be on role model status?

No, I didnʼt do it for that reason. It kinda came up with me and Vanessa on the show. I donʼt regret it, it’s who I am. Publicly, I am a public figure, being on a show for 6 seasons. I didn’t mind sharing a piece of me. Waiting is for me, it doesn’t have to work for everyone else. Itʼs for yourself. I don’t do it for my dad, I do it for me. That's my power and self will. Itʼs what speaks to me. I am very good at self control. It’s about having self discipline and not doing what everyone around you is doing. It’s a little more of a struggle, but it will probably make that person and what it will be, that much better.

Have you been able to find love in California?

I just look for someone who is relatable to me. a sense of humor, caring, nice, smart, that can have a good conversation with me. Someone who can encourage me when i am down. Just a good person. it’s hard; it really is hard to find a great guy. itʼs hard to be a virgin and look for a guy and think you can find him. it is a hard situation for me. Sometimes i wonder what makes it not work. i know i am young and i know that I am exploring, you know getting to know different people. Every relationship I have I learn something new. I know eventually at the right time it will happen.

There Seems to have been a stronger sense of confidence from you this Past year, almost a
transformation from young girl to young woman. how has that process been in the publics eye?

Absolutely, the world was viewing me at the age of 17. So you have to imagine from 17 to 23 you are going to grow up. it’s a matter of me becoming more of a woman, which is still a process that’s happening. Iʼve grown in relationships and work, everyday is a learning experience. Iʼve changed since coming to la. heath wise I am more aware and am really trying to get in touch with myself. I am learning to love myself first.

She rocks! What do you think of the Simmons sisters?


  1. Oh I love her even more now after reading this, such a genuine girl!