March 30, 2011

Venice Beach

                      What I Wore: Top/Sandals: Old Navy Shorts/Hat: Target Bag: H&M

Oh how I love Venice Beach! The perfect spot to chill, drink, stroll, and view an amazing sunset. We walked up and down the beach all day and sat and ate at a nice resturant where they we filming something, I think a commercial. I loved looking at the jewelry the vendors were selling, I picked up a few things for myself and my family. It was funny that my friend and I wore our bathing suits under our clothes but didnt touch the water lol. Once I put on my outfit I felt it was a bit too jungle looking lol. My friend joked that I looked  like an extra in Jurrasic park, she thinks she's sooo funny lol. What I do love is my top and hat,even though my twist I had in my hair wouldnt let me pull it all the way down. That top is so light and comfy I love it! There you have it another day and look from my cali trip. :)

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