March 23, 2011

Have you really forgiven all of your enemies?

A huge SIGH to what I'm about to delve into. Monday I sat up all night waiting for the clock to strike twelve so that I can purchase the album of an artist I believe in. An artist that put a smile on my then 16 year old face when his first video premiered on 106 and park in 2005. I soon crashed after sitting up playing some of my favorite songs off the album over and over again. My alarm went off the next morning and like any other twitter junky I checked my timeline to see a tweet from Chris Brown telling his followers to tune in to Good Morning America. I sat and watched the interview and noticed that he was indeed annoyed by the questions Robin Roberts asked. Even noticing during his performance he seemed to be putting in more umph into his moves, releasing steam? 

Not long after a buzz about his appearance was flooding my timeline. I got excited because I assumed people thought as I did that his performance was pretty good. But no, that wasn't the case. "Chris Brown in a rage, trashes dressing room after GMA performance". Damn, is all I could say. Chris seems like a fun carefree guy even before "the incident", which is one of the reasons I gravitated towards him and his music. But I can't help but feel he's fighting some kind of demon and I'm not talking about the media. As a fan I don't want to see bad press about him. I want to see his talent in the forefront of everything he does. I feel fans invest in the artist we love. We buy their music, pay to see them in concert along with purchasing other memorabilia. All so that we can continue seeing them do what we love, so when one has a crazy outburst it's a slight slap in the face. Because we want to see televised performances and interviews, I want to see him perform at the Grammys, VMA's, hell even GMA again.

Though Chris seems to be on a fuck the media groove its not working on his or his fans behalf. I'm so disappointed. I don't know exactly what he said or did, which seems to be the case for many but what I do know is that he should of handled it like a MAN.I couldn't help but rack my aspiring Journalist brain trying to think of how Robin could have asked those questions while still focusing on what he was there for, his album. In the end I came up with the fact that she was doing her job and that he needs to realize and ACCEPT that people will forever wonder why/what accured that night in that car along with the aftermath of it.

He either can NOT APPROVE the questions or find a respectable way of answering them. It really hurts me to see this bad press during the week his album released. Why? Because headlines are reading Chris in a rage, Chris breaking windows, Chris fucking up, again and oh yeah he has an album out. Instead of Chris Brown Fame is in stores now! Chris has delivered a hit filled album! Chris expected to be on a full comeback with album sales! This all really makes wonder if he has truly forgiven all of his enemies. With that said another big SIGH. And yes the media is praising Charlie Sheens poor actions while continuously bashing Chris but that's a harsh reality, like the harsh reality that that night will forever unfortunately be on the people's tongue. Personally I'm beyooond tired of hearing about it so I can only imagine how he feels. But you kill hate with love and a frown with a smile.

I don't want to rant too long about this because I can really go ooooon about it so I'm done. The irony of this post is that I'm sitting here jamming to fame. In all honesty it is a great album. Giving me classic Chris Brown and then some. It makes me want to be in love, party, enjoy life, all in one. Hopefully somehow, someway this situation dies down and we get back to the TALENT that is Chris Brown.

                 Have you picked up fame? If not, will you? How do you feel about the situation?

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