February 13, 2011

Future Valentine

He said he loved me, and I believed him. He said he’d protect me, when he held me secure is what I felt. A man that fills my heart to capacity. A man whose love for me is so strong, I myself can barely bare the weight of it. He laughs at my corny jokes. He says my imperfections are what make me, perfection. This man, who his self has been to hell and back walks around with smile so wide, he inspires me. I want to be better because of him; I believe I can be better, because of him. This man, who didn’t walk away when it got hard, when most would have ran. The love of this man, the honesty of this man, the heart, of this man.

All I can do is wonder; wonder if I will find a love better than this. A love better than, a fathers love. Well, they do say there’s nothing like it. One thing I am sure of is that I’m worthy of a great love. A love I can feel from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. A love that will warm my heart during the coldest times. So here I am, another year, another valentine’s day and I’m still waiting and dreaming. Another year my dad calls and says he loves me and reassures me that I’ll have my happy ending, someday.

I can’t wait for my perfect picture to finally be finished. I’m sure it will take a while but I live by the saying anything worth having is worth waiting for, right? To my best friend, my heart, my daddy, my present valentine, thank you. Thank you for showing me how it feels to be loved unconditionally. Thank you for making me feel beautiful from the inside out 365 days of the year! Because of you I’m not looking to hear those three words out of just anyone’s mouth. You have given me the tools I need so when the one says, I love you, I’ll know without a doubt if he truly does. To my future boyfriend, future husband, future valentine, you have big shoes to fill because my present valentine has been doing a damn good job.

                                             "If its not like the movies, thats how it should be"



  1. Hello Kenyetta,this is your dad commenting on the valinetimes day letter.i'll just say you can make a grown man cry, with this letter you can even pull a tear from thugs eye.It is very uplifting for me to know that you really do appreciate & understand the love i have for you.

  2. lolol daddy you are so corny i see where i get it from, but awwwwww :)