January 7, 2011

Strolling the Vegas strip!

My first full day in Vegas was of course spent exploring the beautiful city. It's almost as if your walking inside a post card. One of my favorite places I saw was the Venetian hotel, it is beyond beautiful. We ended up walking close to the end of the strip, which is in no way a short walk so my Dolce Vita shoes, leggings and cardigan were perfect for a long day of walking. We ended our day at the Fashion Mall where we discovered the largest Forever21 I've ever seen. I was saving my money for other activities so I forced myself to put down everything I grabbed out of excitement and walked out of the store, sigh. While in the mall we got bombarded by people who were selling things at stands. A woman was selling a really cool sponge that put designs on painted nails, she put a flower on our nails which was really cute. Ok I'll hush now check out pics after the jump!