May 3, 2013

My Instalife!

So, I'm sure you ladies noticed I took yet another (that I'm not proud of ) blog hiatus. I jumped right back into it with my last post but figured a little update is needed. So here it is! The last few months of my life through Instagram photos.
FYI: I'm also sure you've noticed my new blog name Last Words Latest Fashion at the top of the blog. I felt I needed something that was more personal and summed up what I wanted this blog to represent and I feel the new name does just that. I got the domain for it so that URL transition will be coming soon!
(My OOTD was featured on the companies blog!)
                                                                                            HAIR MOMENTS I LOVED!
                                                        (Got my hair straightened professionally for the first time in three years!)

                                                                                              FOODIE MOMENTS!
                                        (Started eating beef again, tried alligator, and became even more obsessed with sushi.)

                                                                                           DATE NIGHT MOMENTS
                         (If he makes you laugh until your cheeks hurt & you can be 100% yourself with him, keep him around for awhile.)

    Instagram: LWLatestFashion

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