October 30, 2012

That's my jam!

I don't know if you heard, but if you haven't i'm here to inform you. Brandy just dropped a great R&B (had to exagerate because theres not alot out there) album a couple of weeks ago and I literally can't stop listening to it. Two Eleven has been giving me everything I need and more. I've been a fan of Brandys since I was a little girl. From watching Moesha faithfully to owning her barbie. With that said I fell off the Brandy music train a few albums ago but I have definitely just boarded again after hearing this album. Even though "Put it down" was her lead single it doesnt quite fit on the album, which is filled with smooth, sexy, and emotional ballads. Her vocals on each track pulls you in and forces you to feel every word she sings. As hard as it was I have narrowed down my top five favorite songs off the album, check them out below.

My top five of Two Eleven
1. Without you (omg obsessed with this one!)
2. Music
3.Paint this house
4. Slower
5.Scared of beautiful
Do you have Two Eleven? What are your favorite songs?

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