July 13, 2011

Summer Sweet...

                                          Dress: TJMaxx Shoes: TJMaxx Belt: My little sisters lol

This is what I wore this past weekend when I went to Chicago to visit some old friends. I love this dress its so light and girly. It has yellow flowers on it but they didn't really show up in the pics that's why i wore the yellow belt to try to bring them out. Those shoes are sooooo comfy if they are at a TjMaxx near you I would definitely recommend you getting them. I had a good time with my old grammar school friends but I will say that this past weekend taught me to continue looking forward because there is more sour than sweet in the past.

P.S Hi to my new readers!!!! Thanks for joining! I want to get into more of a dialogue with my readers so if you have any suggestions for GIRL TALK posts let me know! :)