April 23, 2011

Saving the best for last!

This is my favorite picture I took in California and marks the end of my Cali posts :(. Looking back at the trip I realize that I definitely want to call California home one day. I have a horrible habit of not finishing a lot of things I start. Trying to break that habit I have started taking proper steps to making my dream of living in California come true. I graduate soon and my plan is to either go to film school out there or hopefully find a job out there. Unfortunately I'm not financially able to pick up and leave like I want to so hopefully one of those plans fall through. Life is too short to have should of, could of, would ofs, defining most of it. I'm determined to take all opportunities I can and live out all of my dreams.


  1. Girl, I am so feeling your train of thought right now! Go for what you desire, the only losers are those who hold back and just think of what they want instead of DOING! This photo is beautiful...thanks for the inspiration!

  2. exactly! you're so welcome, i'm so glad i inspired you! :)