April 22, 2011

Job interview Makeup&OOTD (Video)


I’m really getting a hang on the whole video making thing. I recently went on a job interview and decided to record a video OOTD for my YouTube channel. Other than my skirt not being the best fit I loved what I wore. I did really simple makeup which is usually my style anyway.  I haven’t been on many interviews probably like two so I’ll admit I had to be given some pointers from my cousin on what and what not to wear, she thought I was crazy when I asked if I could wear red dress pants lol.
Hope you ladies enjoy the video! youtube.com/Myderniercri Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe! xoxo


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  2. lol that was the cutest vid! i love the look and the hair is cute! good luck hope you get it! xoxo

  3. lol thanks! I will know next week if i have it *fingers crossed*