February 7, 2011

Vegas through my lense....

I took  a loooot of pictures while in Vegas, so every time I look at them I find more that I want to share with you guys. The scenery is beautiful out there, from the mountains to the well constructed hotels. I had my camera ready at all times to capture anything that caught my eye. I felt like a true photographer lol. Check out some of my favorite pics after the jump!

The Strip was full of people in costumes. Before you could even see this guy you can hear him yelling "I am beautiful, I am Sexy". Confidence is key right? lol

At night as you can see their replica of the Eiffel tower looks beautiful. I took so many pics of it and to me they kind of look like paintings.

I don't know how it happened or why but as most of us know prostitution is legal in Vegas. So the strip was lined with people giving out cards with nude women on them. It didn't matter to them if a guy was walking with his wife, girlfriend, or child, they were determined to hand out these cards. They did this thing where they flicked the card to make a noise, I guess to get people attention, that became a joke between me and my friends, craziness.
 I think this hotel is perfect for families. What kid wouldn't want to stay in a castle?

 I loved waking up walking onto our balcony and staring at the mountains.

 MGM Lion, Fancy. lol

 I looove this pic! its looks like a post card to me.

So fast paced.

 Pictures like this only happens by mistake to me. Its cool to capture something like this. Love that the cars seem to be moving so fast while the trees are just still.

I found my Super Man!

Spot the Celeb in this pic.

He was creepy........

You think Charlie sheen used this service? lol

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