January 15, 2011

Sometimes It feels GOOD to be BAD!

 Top:TJMaxx Jeggings:Target Shoes:Dolce Vita for Target Bag:TJMaxx Necklace:Target

My favorite night out in Vegas was when we went to the club Cathouse. When I say it was FAB it was FAB! I loved everything about the club. The Layout was beyond chic and timeless. We got bottle service this time since it wasn't priced crazy like The Bank. The staff was very nice and the drinks were great and we even got to hookah, which I love. Literally every song the DJ played I loved, everytime I sat down I got right back up to dance to the next hit he played. Only girl in the world by Rihanna was my song of the moment and I was waiting all night to hear it. As soon as I was walking to the bathroom it came on so I stopped and started dancing. I didn't know they had a bathroom attendant so when I looked up I was embarrassed to see her staring at me lol. Towards the end of the night we called a limousine service and was swept away to a gentleman's club, which I went to for the first time. It was, interesting. That was my first and last time doing that, I don't know how those girls do it. Check out random crazy pics after the jump!

Sidenote: sorry for the bad pic quality I was using my wack Sony digital camera : /
and how rebellious am I to post an outfit I blogged about already, yup pretty rebellious lol

 Dancing to my jam!

 Oreo Sandwich lol

 ???? lol

Fab Times!


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  2. You looking nice!! I would love to go to vegas. My friends and I were planing to go last year, but a couple of things came up.

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  3. thanks! you should go its really fun but i couldnt live there its like a party 24/7