January 10, 2011

Lace Love In Vegas

Top:TjMaxx Belt:Rue21 Jeggings:Forever21 Shoes:Discovery

This is what I wore my first night out in Vegas. Looking back its not one of my favorite looks but hey you win some you loose some, right? That night we went to the Bellagia Hotel where the club The Bank was, which I hear is 50cents club. It wasn't my kind of spot, the Dj was blah which made my first club experience kind of stale.On a better note before the club we ate at my favorite restaurant in Vegas Margaritaville, the food and drinks are amazing! I guess the lace gave me a "newly-wed" look because a lady asked me if I had just got married(lol). I'll give her the benefit of doubt she was under the influence.Check out more pics after the jump!

 Minus My Crazy eye brows I loved my make up that night, the blue eye liner and pink lips didn't clash as much as I thought it would and I'm glad. I love playing with color!

 My friend is so purrty! lol



  1. sweetheart, you look beautiful! I love the lace and your lips! xx

  2. Okay... this top is something special!! and the rose belt... Super LOVE!!! You look great!!!

    Diva in Deep Thought

  3. @anika you are sooooooo sweet! your comments always make me smile :)

    @danielle Thanks! The shoes are a bit painful wont lie lol

    @QD Thanks doll! the shirt has grown on me that was my first time wearing it

  4. The lace top is cute and I just adore your hair:-)