August 2, 2010


When I first spotted Shaun Ross on Tyra Banks website, I instantly had to know more about the model. The 19 year old is making his mark in the modeling world, and i just cant wait to see how his career evolves. They say Tyson Beckford is the first male super model, so I wonder if Shaun will follow in his ranks. I think his uniqueness will take him very far, I'm sure it isn't hard for him to stand out which is great because he can leave a lasting impression on others. I think he is very handsome and photographs well, it's something about full lips and smoldering eyes that gets me.

Check out more pics of Shaun after the jump!


  1. gurrrrl I love Shaun Ross.... he has this article in I-d magazine when he was first starting to get noticed!!! The fact that he is different and so versatile is really nice although the fashion industry can be a bit stuck up when it comes to differences.... and that MARIO ENPANYA photo (VOGUE AFRICA) is BADDDD!!!!!