July 28, 2010


There's nothing like a well dressed man. I only follow about three male fashion blogs and these men represent two of those three.  Trav and Joshua run the blog streetetiquette, where they showcase their style which is inspired by staples in male fashion throughout history, I mean their inspiration goes waaaaay back. With that said they do a great job on modernizing their looks. I love what Trav is wearing in this photo, the classic polo and those shoes! I ironically just saw a pink pair over at topshop, and they were automatically put on my must have list.

Joshua is the other half of the streeteitquette blog. For this look he combined the timeless penny loafers with a chambray shirt and a bright pair of shorts, perfect for summer. I have to add that I love that their clothes fit them! let me explain, I grew up seeing boys who looked like they were drowning in their clothes. If it wasn't for my dad and his love for great fitting and tailored clothes, I would have thought their clothes, being worn that big was ok.
Last but not least Spencer runs the fashion blog proprpostur. The image speaks for itself, in my opinion. From the glasses, to the cardigan to even the "man purse"(which I'm not opposed too). I think the boots were a great addition to this very preppy look. All three men look so dope that i couldn't pick a favorite out of all three.
Who do you think has the best look?
Are you a fan of the man purse?


  1. in Chicago, almost all men carry some type of man purse...or a murse lol

    I love these looks, these guys are pretty fly!

  2. lol yeah i've seen them downtown, they are pretty fly!