July 28, 2010


Throught the natural hair community I kept hearing how its great to keep pictures of girls with natural hair around,simply to keep you motivated.
It's been almost three months since I did my "Big Chop" and I admit I have experienced many ups and downs of being natural. So, I've decided to look up pictures for hairspiration.
Since I spotted the beautiful and talented Teyana Taylor back in 07, I not only fell in love with her style but also her long locks. I can't wait to have a big Diana Ross fro!  


  1. I love her! I remember seeing her on My Super Sweet 16 and I think it was the hair that did me in! Oh and her crazy unique style!

  2. If you want the hair you can buy it! It's a weave. (Expensive... But there are several stores that specialize in this type of hair!)

  3. i know i can buy it lol but i want to grow my own hair out since i cut it 3 months ago, as part of the "going natural" process. but this fall i may just buy me some lol. i just use this pic a inspiration for whats to come.

    @nik same here love her style!