March 3, 2010


Sex, sex, sex, no sex, something isn’t adding up here. We’ve all heard the term sex sales and sadly it couldn’t be truer. I don’t think I’ve ever went an entire day without seeing some kind of sexual message on TV. Even Pro-Active is promising “sexier skin”. Today was different though. As I searched for something to watch, “The New Virginity” on VH1 caught my attention. I instantly thought this can’t be, after years, decades even of selling sex are they really going to try and sale virginity?

The special featured celebrities who pledge they’re virginity for all to see. From Disney stars like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas brothers, to Adriana Lima a Victoria secrets model who was dubbed “the world’s most voluptuous virgin” by GQ magazine. This world is pretty big I wonder how they narrowed that down. It seems as if some celebrities along with the media are treating virginity as if it is a trend instead of a personal goal. The special made the celebrities that were featured; appear to be the new faces of virginity. The thing is, trends end, and most media outlets should know that by now.

While I do think celebrities sharing this kind of information is great, trying to turn it into a trend is ridiculous. The message of abstinence should be spoken of because somewhere in this world filled with non Adriana Lima look alike’s, a college junior is tired of seeing her peers faces shrivel up in confusion when they find out about this personal goal of hers. So to all the celebrity virgins, speaking out about being a virgin is great, as long as its sincere and not just a way to help you be more marketable. Take notes from Britney Spears don’t go public if you’re only going to break this pledge with your hot singer songwriter boyfriend, we all know how that turned out for her.

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