July 23, 2013

That's my jam!

Summer brings sunshine, fun fashion, and of course great music. These songs have been on repeat all summer and will probably follow me into fall. Filled with soulful singers, iconic rappers and some  underground pop-here are my summer jams!

1. Solange: Bad Girls (Actually the whole True EP)
2. Ed Sheeren: Lego house
3.Fantasia: Lose to win
4. Justin Timberlake: Mirrors
5.Luke James: I.O.U
6. Jay Z: Tom Ford/ Holy Grail
8. Kanye West: I'm in it
9. Licker: This Girl
10. J Cole: Crooked Smile/ Power Trip
Honorable mention:
11. Robyn: Dancing on my own/Call your girlfriend (Oldie but always a goodie)
What are you jamming to this summer?

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