June 4, 2012

My First Maxi, Goals & Girl Talk

                           Hat&Shoes: Target ~ Dress: Maurices ~ Bag: Francescas Collections

Since my first trip there a year ago I've been California dreaming. I knew I wanted to head back there as soon as possible and I got my chance two weeks ago. My best friend Kyra (who never flew before) and I jetted out to Cali for a week long vacation. As soon as we touched down I was reminded why I loved that state so much and I can't wait to make it my home, soon. With all of the many dreams and goals I have set for myself I must say moving to California has been my biggest one. I've been trying to recruit someone,anyone, to come with me so that I won't be somewhere new without something familiar, but I'm starting to learn that it has to be something that I do on my own. Wish me Luck ladies!

Ok, on to the fashion! Can you believe that is my first Maxi dress? Though it doesn't hit the floor like I wanted it to, the print and how comfortable it was sold me. My style is definitely getting super girly as of late. I've in the past shied away from summer dresses mostly because I hated my arms. Yes, another girl with "body image issues," we've all been there. This summer, with motivation from someone special I vowed that I wouldn't deprive myself from wearing certain things because of the stretch marks that have haunted me for so long. I am the most secure with myself than I've ever been and the fact that I still didn't feel comfortable showing my arms has held me back in a way. What bothered me the most wasn't showing them, it was what others opinions might be. Just when I thought I'd reached a point where others opinions didn't matter to me. Everyday I'm growing and learning to love myself more and more. I'm proud of the steps I've already taken, that breeze felt great against my shoulders and I wore a bikini for the first time in like a decade! Truth is, there's  nothing like loving yourself 100%. We've heard it all before but it's so true that confidence is key and I believe it is a huge part in the core of ones happiness.

I encourage you ladies to flaunt a "flaw" this summer, and learn to love ALL of you! :)

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