October 19, 2011

We found love....

The styling, the scenery, the hot guy and more importantly the emotions evoked in this video are great! When I saw behind the scenes shots of the video I thought it was going to have an only girl in the world feel to it, boy was I wrong. I wasn’t a fan of the song itself but after falling in love with the video the song has definitely grown on me in the matter of hours, crazy right? This overall has to be the best video Rihanna has released; she is definitely trying to make a statement career wise. She’s basically saying “I’m here to stay.”

What do you think about the video? Do you think she’s referencing her and Chris Browns relationship?


  1. I posted this video on my blog too ! I absolutely love it , i wanna dance when i listen to this ! The video is gorgeous , everything works for me !

    And can't denie it , he looks like C Brown , but i don't know if she's talking about their relationship though ...

    Love it anyway ! Nice blog

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    xx Titepomme

  2. I so agree! thanks for joining the blog! checked yours out and love it but not sure how to follow if you let me know how i'll definitely follow! :)