August 18, 2011

Style Inspiration: Ms.Meek&Mild

In my last post I ranted about hating my wardrobe and wanting to start over. Lately I've been getting a lot of inspiration from my favorite style blogger Shirley of Meek-N-Mild. She dabbles into every trend from girly, preppy, to edgy looks as well and she pulls off every look effortlessly. When I saw the look above I definitely gave myself a style intervention lol. I will continue to take styling tips from her along with other great style bloggers & hope that my wardrobe will be as awesome as theirs.

Check out a few of my other favorite looks from Shirley after the jump and be sure to check out meek-n-mild!



  1. YES!!! I so agree. I frequent her blog often and just started wearing my belt the way she does. Its too cute. love the post!

  2. I do my belts the same now too! she's awesome. thanks!

  3. Looks great.. I havnt seen her blog :) Im a new follower btw