April 17, 2011

Lethal Combination, Wine and Animal Print

                       What I Wore: Dress/H&M Shoes/Steve Madden Clutch/Charlotte Russe
                                          What Shay Wore: Dress/H&M Shoes/BabyPhat

Our last night in Cali :(. We had a blast! To explain the title, as you can see we both rocked animal print that night. As far as the wine part, um yeah, we had a little bit too much of that lol. After a activity filled day I didn't even want to dress up that night, let alone look at another pair of heels. But shay insisted that I wore my leopard dress because I made her buy that snake print dress, she didn't want to be all dressed up alone. When we were shopping before our trip to Cali I saw that dress shay has on and persuaded her to buy it, especially after she tried it on. I just thought it was fun and soo out of character for her. I'm her little stylist, I even convinced her to wear those shoes lol. As far as my dress I looooove it! I mean how much more sexy can you get than a form fitting leopard print dress! With that said I definitely rocked it better when I was in Vegas, and as I write this post I realize I didn't even post it when I wore it. Such a sucky blogger....

Back to our last night. It was St. Patty's day which is why I wore green earrings. We had dinner at our hotels bar and grill, where I tried sushi for the first time. I probably won't be trying that again. Every time I took a bite I stole a fry from Shaina to make it easier to get it down lol. It wasn't horrible but I think my mind wouldn't let me enjoy it. I just kept thinking " this is raw, this isn't cooked". We had some really good green St. Patty's drinks but soon realized we still had wine in our room.So the plan was to go drink our wine then come back to the bar. Well after a couple of sips we were having a heart to heart that lasted sometime. When we finally got back to the bar, it was closed! Not wanting our night to end shay suggested that we have a photo shoot in the hotel lobbys bathroom, don't judge us, it was the wine! lol Cali memories......

Check out how I rocked it in Vegas after the jump!

                  We went to a Boyz2men concert this night and this is how I rocked the dress in Vegas. I think my hair and makeup fit it better in these photos.

better right?


  1. you two look like you had soo much fun! both of you rocked your dresses, i think the only difference is the make-up and hair red lippy and animal print always pair well together and the more wild hair either way you look good

  2. You look amazing Kenyetta!

    Monique xx


  3. you look so fierce!!! im definitely getting some print in my life!!
    i lurve your pics- especially the ones in the bathroom :)

  4. I recently moved to my new blog chicstylista.wordpress.com I just want to thank you for the nice comments you've posted to my old blog, xoxo miki

  5. OMGeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in heavens did I miss this post??!!! You and Shay are giving them the business in those dresses and heels... I'm in awwwee!!! Go on wit yo bad self!!!

  6. lolol thanks sooooo much yoli!!!!

  7. OMG I love your hair, and ur dress!!

  8. LOVING the animal print you hunnies are donning....*growl*

    BLEURGH & Xisses