March 7, 2011

I'm the type of chick that likes to rock the beat!

Willow Smith is back with a second hit in my opinion, 21st century girl. The video was recently released and I love it! I've been jamming to the song since it came out and I wondered what direction they would go with for the video and they didn't disappoint. I mean I was sold when I saw she had the iconic Cicely Tyson in it. I'm officially on the Willow Smith bandwagon if you haven't noticed yet haha! Oh and dare I say I like her style! No, you won’t catch me in a willow smith get up, but I like seeing her express herself through fashion. Even if it looks like she stepped in her closet did a Michael Jackson spin then stepped out with a whole bunch of stuff on.

Do you like her style? Do you like 21st century girl?


  1. i must say i did like whip my hair but this one i'm not feeling! i like that she is encouraged to have fun but sometimes i do think she is 9 yrs old and she does seem like she has grown up too fast! lol to the micheal jackson spin x

  2. i think im like the only person loving this song lol but i understand what your saying she is really young