February 25, 2011

OOTN: Crop Top Obsession

Top: H&M Jeans:Target Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target Accessories: Forever21

 I wore this last night to the bar with some friends. Though its very casual I wanted to show you guys what trend I'm obsessing over which is, Crop tops! I've always wanted to wear them but didn't because I don't have a flat stomach, silly me. Now I'm in a place where if I want to try it I will as long as I'm comfortable. Can you believe I use to only wear jeans because I hated my legs now I only own a few, I've come a long way. I also loved my hair it was very retro to me.
The bar was somewhat fun, though a guy decided to sniff me following up with "Damn you smell good"and another idiot decided he wanted to stick his middle finger up at me, so yeah I had an interesting night. Guys like them saddens me. Where's the chivalry?

Any who you guys will be seeing more outfits featuring crop tops and a little belly haha!

What trend have you tried recently that you wouldn't have in the past?


  1. crops are cute, and chivalry is dead!


  2. wow hon! I love the whole revamped blog look! And you look fab!!!!! Sending you big hugs! Let us connect!! <3

  3. @cherry its sad but i feel chivalry is dying if not dead

    @unique Thanks!

    @anika thanks so much! we must connect soon!