October 6, 2010


Sheer fabric is a timeless staple in fashion,which is why the trend is still going strong in 2010. I recently got my hands on a sheer top from H&M and I've been thinking of ways to pull it off. I've come up with a look that fits me and I'm just waiting on the shoes I ordered then my look will be complete. I'm planning on wearing it during my schools homecoming weekend which is next week, I'm so excited! I can't wait to show you dolls how I put it together. I'm crossing my fingers hoping my dad lets me see his Nikon because I'm sure my crappy camera wont do the outfit justice. Until then I'll use these pics as inspiration.........

Have you tryed the sheer(see-through look)?


  1. oh I love this post! Especially the flowy dresses. Most of my dresses actually are sheer, but I wear a slip underneath. I love wearing light flowy fabrics. Really exited to see what you do with the top! you are so stylish I know it`ll be fab :)

  2. i love flowing fabrics as well! aww thanks!